Teaching Tips

Here are just a few of my favourite behaviour management techniques that I have seen/ heard of/ or used myself. I don’t believe in shouting at children. You do it too often and it becomes useless- the children get used to it. I believe in praising children and making them want to behave.

The following tips can be used independently or alongside each other. Hope they help!


Secret Leader.

Each day you tell the class that you are going to choose a ‘secret leader.’ You are not going to tell the children who the secret leader is, but you are going to be watching the chosen person all day to see if they behave and work well with others. At the end of the day if the secret leader has been great all day, you tell the child that was chosen, praise them and earn a marble, sweet etc. If the secret leader wasn’t well behaved. You don’t say who it was but say that tomorrow is another day for another secret leader to earn their marble, star, sweet etc.


Raffle Tickets

Children are given a raffle ticket for any positive behaviour. ‘Sarah is sat nicely, I think I’ll give her a raffle ticket.’ This is more useful than asking the class to sit nicely. The minute they see that someone has been given a raffle ticket, they will instantly sit up. Raffle tickets can be used if a child gets all their spellings correct, lines up quickly etc. The trick is to get a balance between giving them out freely but not so much that they loose their value. (Also good as a threat to take them away for bad behaviour). The children have to write their name on the back of the ticket and every Friday morning a raffle is drawn. Two tickets are chosen and those children are allowed to choose a little prize from a prize box. Raffle tickets are one of my favourite b. management techniques.


Pizza Party

Stick a large picture of a pizza base on a display in the classroom. Assign each table a pizza topping; hams, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. and cut out 10 pictures of each toppings. Tell the children that they have to get 10 of each toppings and then they will be given a ‘Pizza Party’. Pizza toppings should only be given for specific accomplishments and it should be an absolute last resort to remove toppings for negative behaviour. I started this after Easter and managed to drag it out until the last term so that the children could have their pizzas during the last week of school. On one occasion the class had been told off during assembly and so i took one of each pizza topping off the base. The look of utter devastation on all the children’s faces was immense. You could feel the shock in the air!


Dillion the Dog

Have a class ‘pet’  (or other soft cuddly toy. A Woody toy story toy was very good at one school). The toy comes with a little back pack with items in and an exercise book, which is the toy’s diary. You should write the first diary entry about what Dillion has been doing over the six weeks holiday. Include pictures of you with the toy to go with the pictures, ‘Mrs G. and Dillion at the park.’ Every Friday, whoever has been the most behaved gets to take Dillion home but they have to write a diary entry about what Dillion did at the weekend. On Monday morning the child has to read out the diary entry. I like this one because it is educational, it encourages the children to use their writing and reading skills and they really do feel so privileged when they get to take him home.



For some reason KS1 children absolutely love stickers. You can see the pride when they get given one. Having a box of stickers on your desk that you randomly give out for good behaviour is very useful.


Star for the day

Have a laminated star on your wall and choose one ‘star for the day’. The children’s picture is put on the star and they get to wear the star of the day badge home.


Just a few behaviour management techniques and will be adding more as the year progresses.



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