Update on PRU Life.

A quick update on how life is going at The Pupil Referral Unit. I can’t believe how must time has passed since I left mainstream. Good news- I still love it. Bad news- we have a new Head (more blog posts to follow). The work life balance is still fantastic, I cannot believe I am waking up at the time that I used to leave the house. I am getting more job satisfaction than I ever thought possible and I feel like I am making a difference to the children’s lives.

I no longer get that ‘Sunday night’ feeling and I genuinely wake up looking forward to the day ahead each morning. I feel like I’m challenging myself too and I want to better myself- I’m even thinking about doing a MA in Special Educational needs.

Pupil Referral Units are not for everyone. The daily insults, unpredictability and constant meetings and paperwork can be overwhelming and it’s difficult not to take things personally. But, there is still nothing like leaving the school gates at 3pm knowing that you have no marking to take home.


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