Enjoying your last summer holiday before being a NQT

Now for many of you starting your new job in September you probably feel like the hard part is over. You have completed your PGCE year. You passed those dreaded skills test, you even got a job quite early on and you got a few outstanding features in your lesson observations on placement.

Well the hard part is just beginning.

I hope your are very lucky and breeze through your NQT year. For me, I breezed through my PGCE year and didn’t find it stressful at all. However, my NQT year was absolutely horrendous. But that was only because I didn’t expect it to be. I thought it would just be like my PGCE year, but I was terribly wrong.

So my biggest tip for everyone embarking on their NQT year journey this September is to enjoy your last summer holiday. Absolutely live it up. Say yes to everything that you possibly can (finances allowing- for many of you you will not be getting paid until the end of September). But believe me when I say that this is the last year that you will be able to truly relax and switch off from work. You will not be thinking about targets, marking, other colleagues, that disruptive child who you have in your class. You will only be thinking of the excitement at starting your new job.

So make sure you:

  • Have lots of late nights.
  • Have a few days of staying in bed watching Netflix series.
  • Redecorate your house.
  • Do up your garden.
  • Have lunches with friends.
  • Go to the parks near your new school (you won’t be able to do this next year as the kids will recognise you).
  • Get drunk.
  • Eat lots.
  • Socialise.
  • And most of all- have fun!


Good luck for September. Remember you’re not alone and we’ve all been there and survived!


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