Why every teacher must have a holiday each year.


If there is one thing that I recommend that all teachers (especially newly qualified teachers) do each year, it’s have a holiday. It is a must. All teachers need at least one week away in the sun each year.

One positive thing about my new job in the pupil referral unit is that my whit holiday is a week later than the majority of schools in Yorkshire meaning that while all my other teacher colleges are back slogging it in work, I am currently relaxing with a cocktail by the beach- the best thing is that it was significantly cheaper than what it should have been if I had gone away during half term last week.

I’m currently packing, getting ready for my night flight tomorrow and the benefits of this little teacher vacation have been fantastic. For 7 days I have had no marking, paperwork, emails, arguing children. I have not had to cook, clean, drive or sort out bills. I have completely switched off from everything and relaxed. My mind feels great.

It’s fantastic what doing nothing apart from lying in the sun can do to an overworked teacher. I am calm and rested and feel rearing to go and give the last six weeks of summer term the best I can give. I am motivated, full of energy and honestly looking forward to seeing the children again. I’ve been able to buy them all little gifts as you can when you’ve only got 6 in your class.

However, working in a pupil referral unit also has it’s draw backs; I land at 1am and buy the te I get back home to Yorkshire it will be about 3am and I’m up at 7am as I have a meeting with an educational psychologist at 8.30am regarding a pupil that is starting next week. 😫

Swings and roundabouts, and all that jazz. Thank goodness I’ve done nothing all week!


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