I got the Job!


So, my last full post was in December when I wrote about how I had gone for an interview and the lesson observation part of the process went really well. I desperately wanted the job. It was 5 minutes from my house (the hr commute to my old job was really getting me down), it was more money due to an SEN point and most importantly, it was in my desired field- a Pupil Referral Unit.

I have worked with children due to go to PRUs on a 1:1 basis in London before I did my PGCE and I absolutely loved it. Now they are not for everyone, they are certainly not an ‘easy’ option and there are tough times, but ultimately I have always, ALWAYS wanted to move from mainstream into a PRU. The problem was that there are just not many of them around and jobs don’t come up that often, especially in Yorkshire! However, I just so happened to find the interview for my new school one random night and as they say, the rest is history.

There is nothing worse than waiting for the phone to ring. I also had the added pressure of informing my current head at the time, how the job went. She did come to speak to me at the end of the day after my interview and asked me how it went. I was honest with her and said it went well. She then asked me about pay and said ‘I’m assuming they will also be giving you an SEN point?’ When I told her they were, she said straight out, ‘well you would obviously take it, then.’ She is a mother herself and knows how challenging it is with a new baby after being on statutory maternity pay.

Anyway, back to the story. I went home, wrote on the blog to get the news out of my system (I hadn’t told anyone apart from my Head, TA and family). I then went food shopping and my phone rang while I was at the tills. It was just before 6pm. The Head on the phone didn’t give anything away, she was very neutral, and I was setting myself up for the ‘I’m sorry, but…’ I mean, I had heard it so many times when trying to get my first NQT post and then she said ‘so, we would like to offer you the job.’ Her whole voice changed when she heard how enthusiastic I was. I couldn’t help it. It was an amazing feeling- it is really sad to say, but it felt better than when I was offered my NQT post as this time I was just so much more relived. No more marking 90 books every night. No more weekly scrutiny about my marking, my WALTs, my displays. I was absolutely ecstatic! I was then worried about my starting date as my Head had already said that I would need to give a whole terms notice or I would have to pay back my maternity! But my new Head must have been a mind reader as the next thing she said is ‘I know legally that you need to work a terms notice. We’re happy to wait.’ With a huge grin on my face I rang my parents first and told them the news.

It didn’t even feel real until I started 10 days ago because I got the job so long ago, but I had to continue working for three months at my first school. But now I’m at my new school I can only say that leaving my first school was THE best decision ever.


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