5 months since my last up date… so much has changed!


Wow! 5 months since my last post and SO much has changed. I haven’t even got time to formally write about all the things that have happened- it would be a borderline novel, but I will be including details in posts soon.

Here are the things that have changed since December:

  • I HAVE A NEW JOB! (and I’m loving it. LOTS more info coming up on this…)
  • I had my first job interview after 3 years.
  • I handed my notice in at my first NQT post after 3 years.
  • I left my teachers union and joined another one.
  • My last 3 months in work were made horrendous due to a bullying colleague.
  • I have realised that teaching is really not sustainable in the long term, due to the constant (almost unachievable) targets from Head teachers, SLT, government etc.

I hope that everyone coming to the end of their NQT year keeps plodding along- not long to go now! Keep it up, don’t quit!


Love Mrs G xxx




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