I’ve been a bit quiet…. because I’ve had a baby!

baby-holding-fingerSo, it actually feels like a lifetime ago that I was caught up in the drama of being an NQT because, to use that over used cliche, ‘I’ve been on a journey’. I’ve had a baby. (Que lots of maternity related posts to come). I mentioned in a few posts about medical issues, appointments and they were referring to hospital appointments. I didn’t feel I could openly talk about being pregnant because it wasn’t planned and call me superstitious, but I just wanted to wait until baby was here and everything was ok. It’s been a ride, I can tell you.

I’m currently on maternity leave, going back after the October half term. I didn’t take the full year off because it didn’t make sense financially and having gotten pregnant in my NQT year, I felt a year was too long to take off.

I got pregnant last July. I was pregnant when I had that horrendous final lesson observation where I broke down in tears (I now blame baby hormones), although I didn’t actually find out I was pregnant until the beginning of August. I told my Headmistress on the first day of the new term in September, she was surprisingly calm and supportive.

Having a baby has made me think differently about my career options. I no longer see myself staying at my school. I would eventually like to jump ship to a nice little one form entry school closer to home. I no longer want to get to the top of my profession as the added stress and extra responsibility doesn’t appeal to me now. Family does. When I first left school I couldn’t switch off and kept thinking about the children, now if I’m honest with myself, I’m not even in a rush to get back.

This blog started in one direction and has now completely changed, but I’m happy and have realised that being an outstanding teacher is no longer my main priority.


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