Getting pregnant in your NQT year. The good and the bad.

My pregnancy wasn’t planned, but was very much wanted. I was a little bit embarrassed about getting pregnant in my NQT year, but because I got pregnant in the July, people weren’t made aware of the fact until the next academic year. Everything has pros and cons and here is my list of the good and bad reasons for getting pregnant so early on in your career.

The Bad

  • Your NQT year is a very stressful time, add in a new pregnancy and it can be a very over whelming experience.
  • Be prepared to be looked at differently. I felt that I wasn’t taken as seriously once I was further on in my pregnancy. I was taken off courses that I wanted to do and not invited to meetings that I felt I still should have attended.
  • You’ll be very tired, especially during the final stages. You’ll find it difficult to sleep at night and will come to work with an exhaustion that you didn’t feel possible.
  • You will be on the lowest pay scale which means that when your maternity becomes half pay, you will really feel the financial hit.
  • Having been at the school only a short time you will not be as established in the school and might feel like you’re starting from scratch again when you go back.

The Good

  • You’re on the low end of the pay scale. Even though I mentioned this in the bad points, I actually found it to be a good point. I was never actually down by that much money because I didn’t earn that much anyway. Some SLTs were loosing over a thousand pounds a month on maternity, which would be really hard to deal with.
  • You’re just starting out on your career so you can easily adapt to this new working life much easier than someone who’s been a teacher without children for say 10 years.
  • You have something more to focus on other than school. You can no longer spend every waking minute worrying about displays when you’ve got a baby to think about on the way.
  • You have to leave early. You will be exhausted by the end of the day and you will physically need to go home early. Plus, no one will say anything or look down on you for doing so.
  • You will get a lunch break, because a) you’ll be ravenous by lunch time and b) you will just need to sit down and rest your legs. I made sure I had nearly the full lunch time every. single. day. I thought, it’s the only time I’ll have an excuse to do this so I’m taking advantage.
  • Doctor/ hospital appointments. You will have quite a few mornings/ afternoons off which breaks the week up and gives you some much needed lie ins.

Pregnant woman at work writing in binder


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