Finally…I’m back.


I am back- I have soooooooooooo many posts to post, so much has happened, but I will take my time in updating you. The reason I have been away is that I have had some developments/ news in my personal life that has changed things quite dramatically (I will post about it in detail at a later date).

But to give you all a quick update here goes:

  • After three months (and two pay packets) my school have agreed to my pay rise M2 (hardly the lottery, but very much needed/ appreciated). The only good thing about not being given a pay rise straight away is that in January, when everyone is always skint, I will get my pay back dated. This is great because I haven’t had a chance to save anything at all since starting back in September. I had spoke to the headmistress in the holidays and she said I would automatically go up as I had passed my NQT year, but as it was going onto the third month on the same pay, I was getting worried, but luckily I got it all written in a formal agreement this week, which was great.
  • We still haven’t had OFSTED, they were due in April, which means that they are highly likely to be visiting school before Christmas.
  • I have completely relaxed this year, I regularly get into school at 8am- 8am?! I used to break out in cold sweats if I wasn’t at my desk before 7.20am.
  • I have had my first lesson observation (after my disastrous final observation), it was attended by the Deputy, my mentor and a subject leader and…. it was good! Great feedback and I am no longer on the forefront of everyone’s mind as a ’cause for concern.’

Anyway, a lot has changed in school. I am more confident in my abilities this year, I know what does and doesn’t need stressing over and I love my school. There are still issues with the TA I had a run in with last year and some of her clique, but as they are TAs it doesn’t seem to bother me as it would do if they were teachers. Thankfully the teachers are all fab and professional. I am still getting on with the headmistress, I am no longer scared of her and actually have ‘normal’ conversations with her about ‘normal’ stuff.

Overall, not a bad start to the new school year, luckily.


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