More Drama…

I haven’t posted for a while because I decided to REALLY switch off from work. 12 hrs after we finished I jumped on a plane and was on a beach sipping cocktails and totally forgetting about work. The plane tucked down and 24hrs later I was flying over to the Emerald Isle to spend two weeks with family, and again, really forget about work. \

I have done nothing.

Yes, I have though about work, I have thought about displays, planning etc., but not too much and I have certainly not started to do anything. I decided I would leave it until the last two weeks and just take my time and not get too stressed. My health is too important. 

Cue this morning.

I arrive back home after a bumpy Ryan Air flight from Dublin to see my new contract. The first thing I notice is PERMANENT TEACHER. I am ecstatic! This means I can’t get sacked, I will be entitled to maternity pay when the time comes, it will be so easy to buy a new car on finance. I have stability. Then comes the absolute sting in the tail. The crushing devastation and an actual loss of breath. They (my school) are keeping me on the same pay. M1. The NQT pittance that does not cover my hours of 7.15am- 5.45pm. The pittance that I struggled to survive on, but thought it would be only a few more months before I moved up the pay scale. Is this legal? After much research, I have discovered that yes, thanks to Mr Gove’s wonderful legacy, yes, it is. And there is nothing I can do about it. 

As it’s the weekend, I can’t speak to my union until Monday, but after not wanting to ‘rock the boat’, over these past difficult months, I will most certainly be ringing them on Monday.

The thing is not progressing people on the pay scale is the absolute WORSE thing that a school can do to get a teacher to maintain a positive attitude, keep up morale, want to get good results and quite importantly remain loyal to the school. 

In the 10minutes that I read over my contact. I can no longer seeing myself getting into school for 7.15am anymore, I do not want to continue with the free arts and crafts after school club that I set up off my own back, my enthusiasm for my displays that I have been planning has all disappeared and a general sense of giving up has set in. How have I worked, cried, stressed and slept like a dog for the past school year to not be rewarded or shown ANY appreciation? 

I am fuming. I am fuming that they did not tell me this to my face. If I had known this would have been the case I would have looked for a new job starting in September. I am fuming that I will be on the same wage yet I am now a subject leader (more work) and I am working more (no more NQT time). I am fuming that the school is not trying to encourage my potential and make me want to excel. Why excel when you feel unappreciated? The fact that they have given me a permanent contract is great on one hand, but then keeping me on the same wage is absolutely disgusting. I have had no appraisal- I thought there had to be some kind of verbal reasoning as to why you are kept on the same wage? I also thought that there was no automatic pay progression anymore, but an NQT has to move up regardless.

Fuming. Fuming. Disheartened. And fuming. I can’t help thinking that my final failed observation has cost be two grand.

I will let you know the outcome after I have contacted my Union on Monday.


6 thoughts on “More Drama…

  1. Interesting blog post. Just to clarify so I can understand your situation better, you failed your last observation but passed your overall NQT year? Did they mention anything in your last NQT meeting about the failed observation holding you back?

    Hope everything gets sorted.

    • Yes I passed my NQT year, my mentor said ‘I would’ve failed your observation’. I never had a meeting about how that would impact me the following year and the only talk I’ve had with the,Headmistress was about how she’s glad I’m staying, I can do it, I’ll have support next year. Never once was there mention of keeping me on the same M1 pay scale.

      • I do feel for you. Passing your NQT year should be enough to move you up the pay scale because you were technically set performance management targets at various intervals through the year. They weren’t called performance management targets but they effectively were. As a result of meeting these targets and passing your NQT year, you will have satisfied moving up a pay scale.

  2. Just read this post with interest, as I’ve just checked my pay, and I too have been kept on the same pay scale after passing my NQT year (although I started on M2 due to 8 years work experience). I have gone part time (0.8) so hadn’t noticed straight away (too busy!), but as I’m just about to take out a mortgage application, I am really annoyed that I haven’t progressed, as I am sure my target was to pass my NQT year. Not impressed.

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