Words & phrases I have banned from my every day vocabulary.

There are words and phrases that I can no longer use in my every day vocabulary outside of school. It’s like when you say something that your mum would say, without thinking. This is what I catch myself doing on a daily basis, exempt, I’m not saying things my mother says, I’m saying things a teacher would say! And it’s really annoying. Really annoying. This needs to stop.

1. Differentiation.

‘I can only see meat dishes. Where is the differentiation? We have two vegetarians coming to the dinner party. Plus a vegan and Jenny from next door is allergic to gluten. Thank goodness OFSTED haven’t been invited here tonight.’

2. Progress.

‘Your progress is amazing. I only asked you to paint the door frame, but in the hour you’ve painted the door frame and the skirting boards. Not only did you understand the learning objective, you even had time to do the extension activity too.’ 

3. How rude.

Said in an abrupt, annoying middle class accent,  (My Yorkshire accent suddenly forgotten), to anyone and anything that doesn’t do what I want, how I want. Including my toaster. ‘You’ve burnt my toast. How rude!’.

4. EAL

‘Sorry, I don’t really understand your accent. Are you EAL?…No. Oh right, you’re from Newcastle. Lovely. That’s nice.’

5. SEN

‘I’ve explained to you 6 times now, I want to switch my energy supplier. Do you not…? Oh sorry, you must be SEN. I’m so sorry. I’ll print off some pictures for you to help with your understanding, if you still don’t understand, that’s ok, we’ll try again with a 1:1 TA.’

6. High ability.

‘Oh, yes, he’s definitely high ability, did you see how he could just remember our food order with no support? Amazing. But we must think how we can challenge him when he takes our dessert order. We don’t want him coasting.’

7. APS

We’re moving, our house has gone up in value so we can afford a bigger house.’

‘Yes, but has it really gone up in value? I mean, by how many APS points? A house of that age and ability should have gone up by at least 16 APS points. Anything under that and it’s not even an achievement.’


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