New Term!


So after two weeks and 1 day off for a fabulous Easter half term- I started back today for my third and final NQT term. Last night I was so worried about over sleeping, that in a panic I woke up at midnight and demanded that my other half get out of bed and set his alarm clock, ‘just in case mine didn’t go off.’ I was also worried about how I would cope with the 6am alarm call too, after I had been waking up at 11am on some days. (I’m an NQT. Don’t judge me). But it’s like your body just knows. I was up, showered, dressed and out the door at 7am. (Ouch).

The Bank Holiday yesterday has given me a boost, a little 4 day week to ease me back in. Last night I was worried about how I would teach, I don’t remember the marking policy, how do I do a plenary again? My electricity display is still really crap. Anyway, I needn’t have worried. Less than 5minutes back into the school and it felt like I had never been away.

I was hoping for a nice uneventful day too, but it started by my Headmistress asking me for last term’s reading test results. (I had given them to her just under a month ago). She could’t remember this. Then she did remember. Then she went to find them. Then she couldn’t find them. The woman still makes me nervous around her, so this wasn’t the best exchange at 8.30am on a Monday morning. Luckily, the year 4 teacher had let me in on a little secret in September, ‘Photocopy everything you give to Sandra. She looses everything. The amount of times I’ve spent ages doing something, only for her to loose it and I have to do it all over again.’ She had learn’t the hard way. Lucky for me I had taken her advice onboard, and I gave the headmistress the photocopy of the results.

An hour later, she was back. She wasn’t pleased with the reading results. Quite a few children have flatlined since September, a couple have gone backwards and hardly any are making enough APS points. Bloody APS points?! Our school is in an area of Yorkshire where 80% of the children can’t even speak English, let alone read English. So my dinner time was taken up with a meeting with my headmistress to discuss the children’s progress (or lack of it) and what needs to be done. I have all this data printed out and honestly, I don’t know how some of these children can move up 1 APS point, let alone the recommended national average of 6 points!

Anyway, I digress. I actually had a good day, and I was pleased to be back. Honestly, I really was. I’ve decided that I can’t be outstanding everyday, so I’ve let that pressure go. I’m happy with my work/ life balance, I love my class and I’m getting to terms with planning ‘good’ lessons on a daily basis. Yes, I’ve already got paperwork coming out of my ears, but in the grand scheme of things I was happy enough to go back to work today.

I’d be even happier if I didn’t have to set my alarm clock for 6am though….


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