Strike Day- March 26th


Today is Strike Day. Yesterday at the school gates all the parents were giving me winks, ‘enjoy your day off’ wink wink. ‘Enjoy your lie in’ nudge nudge. ‘Teachers strike day, eh?’ nudge wink. Not one parent asked what is was about, or seemed vaguely interested in why we were striking.

I don’t think people actually get it. Yes, on one hand I do want to strike for selfish reasons. I am tired, a mid week day off is just what I need- I can stay in my onsie until midday. But on the other hand I didn’t want to strike; I miss a much needed (just bought a house) day of pay, I have end of term tests that need to be finished and assessed by Friday (I can’t actually do them without the kids) and the most important reason- I wish the government weren’t shafted teachers in the first place! I wish there was no need for a strike. But this time, there really is.

Working until 68? I’m 28 and I sometimes find it a struggle getting up from sitting on the carpet and crossing my legs. I actually cannot imagine having lesson observations in my 60s.
Performance related pay- just an excuse for some bullying heads to exert more power. My friend doesn’t get on with her Head and has already been told that she will most likely not get her annual pay increase due to ‘poor results.’
Longer days. If this absolutely ludicrous law was ever passed, I would be handing in my notice the following day. Seriously.
The constant pressure to constantly be ‘outstanding.’
The disappearance of fun and creativity.
The increase in pensions. Put more in, get less out. Yeah, that makes sense?!
In fact, I could go on, I disagree with everything. And to be honest I don’t know how effective these strikes are. When the government want something, they’ll just do it. Regardless. And it’s a shame because in the end it’s always the children who suffer, the children that are supposed to be getting a better experience with these changes. It just doesn’t make sense. None of it does.

Anyway, for now I will enjoy my Strike Day. I got up a little later than usual and I am still in my onsie. But I have been working for two hours straight already and that was to rid myself of guilt before I go shopping and for lunch with my mum.

Teacher’s Guilt, much worser than Catholic guilt. Seriously.



3 thoughts on “Strike Day- March 26th

  1. I just don’t understand this pay by performance thing. I really wish everyone who supported that idea could be forced to spend a week as a teacher doing all we do, working with the variety of kids we work with and see what it takes to try and get them all to perform the way these people think they should perform. It’s become a big push here in the US too, I actually wrote a post about it not long ago when someone asked me to sign a petition to get the idea on the ballot for the general public to vote on. I nearly lost it and had to walk away biting my tongue.

    And OH BOY is Teacher Guilt bad. I can be home with my sick kiddo feeling guilty about what all I’m not doing at work and not being there for the kids. UGH

    I hope you manage to enjoy at least part of the day and that your strike day is successful overall!

  2. Exactly. The people who are passing these policies are so out of touch- they have no idea. It’s sad to hear it’s being pushed in the US too. And yes, teacher guilt is awful. Each time I have a spare moment, I always feel ‘I should be doing this…’ or ‘I could be doing that…’ I honestly don’t know what’s going on at the moment- but I hope this madness gets sorted soon.

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