Do teachers really get a half term?

Do teachers really get a half term?

That’s something that I always asked on placements during my PGCE. And the honest answer is yes and no. I have one more day left of half term and as I look back I have actually done quite a lot and had a lovely half term; I have-

  • Been out for a romantic meal with the fella.
  • Went out clubbing (yes, teachers still go clubbing- the pics just don’t appear on Fb!)
  • Met up for lunch with the girls.
  • Baby sat my baby nephew all day.
  • Been shopping (and spent way too much money on clothes I  do not need).
  • Done some DIY in my house.
  • Finally started to sort out my wardrobe.
  • Stayed up late watching the Sex and the City box sets (just gets better every time).
  • Had friends round for a cuppa and a gossip.
  • Caught up on sleep.
  • And done most  of my planning…

Ah, there it is. The planning. Resource making. Marking. No matter what you do over half term, no matter how much fun you have- there is always this little niggle at the back of your mind. ‘I should be marking this…’ ‘I could be laminating those…’, for me that constant guilt reminds me that I can’t get too relaxed during my week off. And personally, that’s due to me. I was so exhausted at the start of half term, that I ‘wasted’ the beginning just napping, resting and recharging my batteries. But that was something that I desperately needed to do. I could have (should have) done my planning during the first weekend of half term, but like I’ve always done since the age of 11, I have left my homework until the last minute. I work better that way. Working under pressure motivates me. 

And because of this fact, I will now be spending my entire Saturday night finishing off medium term plans and preparing for my lessons next week. But that’s ok. I am ok with that, because it meant that I was able to have fun doing all of the things that I mentioned above. I will probley be kicking myself at 9pm tonight when I am still typing up plans, but I have prepared myself for that because I am adamant that I will have all of Sunday off, and I mean really off, without any of that niggling guilt in the background.


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