Tomorrow really is another day!


So I’m not going to lie. Last night I seriously thought that I had made a mistake. I wasn’t good enough, I was so tired, tired of being an NQT and I was feeling a little down. In fact the whole school was, from the head of KS2 to the learning mentor. Morale was low. I had the negative observation looming over me and those two days until Friday Half Term seemed like two decades. I went to bed with a heavy heart and thought how my bubbly, optimistic personality was being slowly erroded.

Fast forward 12hrs and I have a huge grin on my face. I am tucked up in bed, in my onsie, laptop on, completing my MTP plans for next term, while buying summer dresses from Asos. As the picture I uploaded shows- I am working from home and I have never been so happy in my life!

The answer. The mental british weather. 

I arrived at school this morning to see everyone waiting outside the main entrance. When I asked what was wrong everyone pointed. Last night a huge tree was uprooted and was thrown into the school building. No one was hurt. Once this was established I allowed myself a HUGE grin and a HUGE thank you to the big guy upstairs. There is a God! Because He knows just how much I have needed time out, a boost, a recharge. And that is exactly what these extra two days prior to half term will give me. I can get all my planning done before the half term. Wait a minute, I might actually get a half term! Tonight I can go to bed stress free without having to worry about if my lesson is differentiated enough. I can have 8, maybe 9 hrs sleep tonight and just repair my body and mind. 

And I know this weather is horrendous, here in Yorkshire there has been loads of damage and I shouldn’t be this happy but you should have seen, no corrected, you should have felt the joy radiating from all the teachers this morning. We were so happy! It has just come at the perfect time. I’m actually enjoying doing my planning because the weight off my shoulder has been lifted. 

What a great early Valentine’s present xxxx


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