Happy Belated New Year- nearly half way though!

It’s been over a month that I’ve posted because frankly, I have just had absolutely no time to myself. A bad observation before Christmas means that I have to have weekly meetings with my phase leader and the pressure is really on. This means that since the start of term I have had to ensure that all my planning, marking and assessment has been 100% perfect. This has taken its toll on me mentally. Not in a bad way, just that any free time i have means I have had to go through my planning and try and improve things. And I have come to the conclusion that being an NQT is difficult, and honestly, not that enjoyable at times. 

I do love teaching, but the problem is that teaching is only about 20% of the job, the rest of the times i’m marking, doing IEPS, making resources, planning and generally stressing about things that I don’t even fully know how to fix. 

But on the plus side, I seem to understand the dreaded headmistress now. i am no longer scared of her and after having a really good chat with her over dinner at the staff Christmas do, I realise that she has to be a certain way as Head of a school and I respect her for that. i certainly for one couldn’t run a school. At the moment, I’m just about struggling to run a class!


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