I’m exhausted.



I’m exhausted. It’s official. I have no energy. Absolutely nothing. I go to bed tired and I wake up tired. It just seems like overnight, about two weeks ago, it just became absolutely impossible to get up in the mornings. It was a struggle, well more than a struggle, some mornings I physically couldn’t get out of bed. The term ‘dragging yourself out of bed’, was no longer a term, it was a literal statement. I was dragging myself out of bed every morning. I had gone from arriving in school at 7.15am everyday, to rolling in at 8.10am- and the worst (or maybe best) thing about it was, that I didn’t even feel bad about it! I figured, I’m getting everything done that I need to and my body obviously needs the extra snoozes in the morning that so what? What does it matter if I’m the first one in every morning or not.

For me, it’s a mixture of things that has led to this exhaustion of epic proportions. The biggest thing is the weather. Yes, I love Christmas- it really is my favourite time of year. Christmas films, winter boots, lots of drinking… But the utter worse thing is the weather. It just gradually happened, until one day, everyday, I was leaving the house in the dark, then leaving school in the dark. I get up when it’s dark and go to bed when it’s dark. I do. not. see. daylight. Yes, of course my classroom has windows, obviously, I have to do playground duty- but it’s not the same. There’s something so unnatural for the soul to leave the and return home when it’s pitch black.

Plus, let’s be honest, we’ve all just had enough now and are craving the Christmas half term more than anything- we NEED it in our life. I’ve been speaking to other teachers in the staff room and they all have been saying the same thing. ‘Im just tired now.’ In other words we’re over it. And the dwindling of the time table does’t help. Last week I taught two maths lessons and one literacy- and because the school don’t seem to be bothered about us taking lessons seriously, then in makes it difficult for us tired NQTs to also do so.

I literally cannot wait to veg out on Quality Street while watching Christmas movies and drinking LOTS of alcohol. I’ve made it to Christmas. I deserve it.

Ps. Only 9 more get ups!!!!!


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