My first Big mistake….

I’ve made my first big mistake. and I feel terrible. Stupid, under qualified and a little more stupid.

My Year 2 class have not had a trip for two years (now I understand why). So, bright, energetic NQT that I am decides that going to organise a trip. The Head teacher was quite enthusiastic and said if I was hiring a coach I may as well take them out of the area. So we are going to Cheshire to a Zoo. This fits in perfectly with our Habitat theme and luckily the school is subsidising a large chunk of the trip, so it’s worked out really cheap.

We are going next Thursday, so just over a week’s time. The other Year 2 teacher who is coming wasn’t so fussed about the trip and hasn’t shown the slightest bit of enthusiasm, it has only been my TA claire, who has said ‘well done.’ She told me she was so pleased that someone had organised a trip because the children need it, seeing as they are not the type to experience things with thier parents outside of school. 

So, let;s cut a long story short. I am an NQT and was really trying my best to organise 60 children to a cheshire Zoo and find 12 additional adults too. I menioned it to the Head and she was fine, we discussed dates together and we also discussed the price of the whole trip. She also gave me a school trip pack and talked me through risk assessment etc. 

Today, just by luck I mentioned about the trip next Thursday. ‘Next Thursday?’ one teacher looked at me strange. ‘The TAs are on an all day first aid course tomorrow.’

Yep, so the TAs are on an all day course next Thursday. When i approached the Headmistress, she said ‘I don’t even know the date for this school trip to the zoo. Why wash;t it put in the diary?”                                                                                                                           ‘THERE’S A DIARY?!”

So the other year 2 teacher, headmistress, Phase leader for Key Stage 1- everyone knew the date of the trip, everyone knew I was planning it and NO ONE mentioned that there was a diary?! I can;t believe how stupid i’ve been. The coach has been paid for but this course has been booked for weeks and now I have to see what the Headmistress says tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to that at all.

Then there’s the two week notice of telling the kitchen that you need 60 sandwiches for that day! Honestly, I can see now why the poor things haven’t had a trip for two years- it’s more hassle then it’s worth.

So my damage control tomorrow is this:

  • Take all my risk assessments/ time table of the trip into the Head’s office. (Deputy already said the TA training course can just be postponed- it’s not a major problem).
  • Order the packed lunches first thing tomorrow and grovel, grovel, grovel to the kitchen staff about the 7 day notice.
  • And lastly, make sure the trip is a resounding success! Take lots of pictures to put in the weekly newsletter and make sure the Headmistress can eventually praise my organisation skills.

I tell you, I’ll be glad when next Thursday is over and the trip is done and dusted and i’m just glad this has happened in the first term- as it gives time for it to be forgotten!

Now, let’s get prepared for my first Parent’s evening tomorrow…….


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