I am all better- physically and mentally!


Honey and Lemon. That is the answer for everything. I have been drinking fresh lemon and good quality honey every hour for the past few days and it has worked- I am better! And not only am I better physically, I am also better mentally. I love my job again. 

As soon as i got better, it was just so much easier to do my job. Teaching is definitely not the job where you can be ill and still function slightly. When you aren’t a 100% you take it out on the children. You have less patience, you have a short temper and the sound of children’s voices grate on you. But From Wednesday, I actually enjoyed myself and was back thinking how great my job is and how lucky I am to have found it. So here are a few tips to avoid the NQT/ PGCE/ Autumn term 1 disease:

1. Hand gel: Have hand gel every where and use it constantly. I know it’s not as effectvive as washing throughly with soap and water, but there is literally no time to go to sinks to wash your hands and the kids touch you constantly with their snot/ dirt/ muddy covered hands and next minute you put your hands to your mouth or rub your nose and….

2. Sleep: Easier said than done, but I honestly think sleep is better than any amount of paracetamol, it can literally repair and rebuild your body. It is hard to fit in sleep as a trainee/ NQT but if you can aim to get at least 7hrs most nights and try and have at least one 8hr sleep a week you will give your body time to build up it’s immune system.

3. Honey and Lemon: Literally the best cure ever. Honey is great for the throat and the lemon gives you the vitamin C boost. And it’s cheap. A jar of honey for £1 and lemons for 50p, will last you all week. I put a table spoon on honey and half a squeezed lemon into my flask every morning and drink it first thing when I get into work.

4. Berrocca: Great little fizzy tablets that give you energy and a humongous dose of vitamin C, again great to have at break or a glass at lunch time. Even if you don’t feel ill, it’s best to start with them straight away- prevention, better than cure, and all that.

5. Healthy meals: You will find that you crave pizzas, chocolate and junk food in the first term, but this does nothing for your health and building up your immune system. Soups are good for lunch times. My favourite is tomato and basil, cheap, healthy and quick to heat up in the staff room.

6. Relax!: I know it’s a case of ‘but how?!’ but i really think stress is a big part in falling ill and if you can try and eliminate a tiny bit of it, it will help with your general well being. Have 30minutes me time a night, wheter that is watching the soaps, have a bath, doing a yoga class or reading your Kindle before bed- everyone should have that little bit of time where you just switch off. No phone, no internet, no iPad. Just total you time.

I hope everyone is settling in nicely into their first few weeks. For those on the PGCE, enjoy this time- this is actually the fun/ stress free bit.

And remember, only 4 weeks until half term! xxx


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