A typical day in the life of an NQT.

6.05am: Alarm goes off- snooze until 6.20am.

7.00am: Showered, back packed and set off for work, promising myself that i will go to bed earlier tonight.

7.20am: Arrive in work. Only me and the care taker in. Cup of tea. Computer on. Resources making begins.

8.00am: TA arrives. Bit of a chat about the day’s plans and mention what needs doing. (Really want to leave a ‘to do list’ but feel bad as TA has been there for 10yrs and is 20yrs old than myself). Move onto marking books.

8.50am: Go for a quick wee. Last opportunity until lunch at midday.

9.00am: Bell goes, children arrive. Always one that is still crying and doesn’t want mum to leave. Children still can’t find coat hanger. Children still can’t remember their carpet places.

9.15am: Numeracy lesson starts. 10mins over schedule. Believe me, this matters.

10:15am: Assembly. No, not a rest for teachers. Reading time. Listen to readers 1:1.

10.40am: Fruit and milk time. Constant reminder for children to say ‘yes please’ and ‘thank you.’

11.00am: Literacy. You discover that once again, the lesson can not go as planned because only three children can write on the line. Or use a pencil. 

12.00pm: Dinner time. Phew! Time to sort out the afternoon lessons.

12.40pm: Rush to the staff room- but constantly thinking of what needs to be done this afternoon. Gulp food down, not really tasting it. Go for a wee.

1:00pm: Afternoon registration. Most children have a ‘story’ about how ‘she said, I said, He said….’ 5 min registration takes 15mins. Children forget their carpet places.

1.15pm: Art. Children paint a landscape of the park. The grass is red and the sky is brown. They ask for a ‘paint stick’. Try to stay away from children as realise you have put on your £50 Topshop fashion trousers. 

2.00pm: Afternoon break. All children want to wash hands/ go to the toilet. No chance of a cuppa because break is over by the time you have supervised groups of children washing hands. Topshop trousers have now been customised with neon orange paint.

2.15pm: Children back in. History time. Children forget carpet places. 10 mins to get them all in their correct places again.

3.00pm: Stop lesson. Coats and bags are collected. A jumper, two cardigans and a lunch bag have been lost. 

3.10pm: 5 quick minutes of story time. 

3.15pm: Bell goes, children are sent home. A burden is lifted off shoulders. I can do my job now. Planning!

3.15pm: Computer set up to do all planning. Another teacher comes in. Talk, talk, gossip time.

4.00pm: No work done, but think an hour will do it. Set to work planning.

4.15pm: Cleaner comes in. Talk, talk, gossip time.

4.25pm: Give up planning. Will do at home. Again. Resource making.

5.00pm: No where near finished what needed to be done, but promised myself I would leave by 5pm.

5.30pm: Turn off computer and begin to pack up. Set off for home.

6.00pm: Arrive home shattered. Cook a quick meal.

6.45pm: Dinner eaten. Quick chat to partner, but not really a conversation as now slightly comatose. Planning starts.

7.30pm: Put Corrie on in the back ground. Still doing planning. 

8.45pm: Decide that not actually getting thing done that’s productive as eyes are closing.

9.10pm: Shut off laptop, put planning away. Watch the most dumbing programme on the telly, just to ‘switch off’ from work.

9.50pm: Have a cuppa with other half and a quick 10min chat.

10.00pm: Set alarm clock for 6.05am. Get into bed. Think about all the stuff that still needs to be done.

10.30pm: Finally fall asleep.



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