The children arrived today….

So today was the children’s first day back. Two were crying hysterically and I had to struggle with the electronic register in front of two parents, hysterical crying and 28 eager faces looking up at me.

Despite the rough start- I actually enjoyed my first day. I am being a bit harsh on myself as I don’t think it went as well as I hoped it would. All the activities I had planned were too long for the children. The ‘making your own tray label’ was scheduled for 30mins, when most of the children had completed them after 5. One child even uttered the word this is boring’ and I was mortified. I suppose it’s good because it shows that I really, really do care about the children’s learning. I’m even going to send homework this Friday, just because I want my children to achieve, and if I’m really honest, I want the parents to think I am a good teacher.

But overall today wasn’t that bad. Yes, I was in school for 7.20am (I know) and I left at 5.10 (again. I know), but the thing is, time just disappears. Literally. I didn’t get anything done after school, as I was going through medium term planning ideas- and although there is lots of paper work to go through for the planning, I realised before that after it has all been handed in, there isn’t really any major daily paper work.

So yes, to sum it up- the meeting of the children was fine, almost an anti climax as you’ve built yourself up since getting the job, dreading the first day- and now it’s done. I already have my favourites, I already know who are going to be a problem and who are really below average. Most children had forgotten how to speak over the summer holidays.

And my favourite quote for today was from a little girl at 11am. ‘I like you Miss, but I’m ready to go home now.’

So am I love, so am I.


One thought on “The children arrived today….

  1. Aw that’s really cute. Thanks for telling us about your first day at school and I hope the rest of your school year goes well!

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