First day as an NQT…. I’m drowning!



So today was my second INSET day and I am drowning already! OMG. There is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

much to do. So much. The children are in tomorrow and it’s 9pm at night and displays still haven’t been backed, my planning for tomorrow hasn’t been done and I don’t even know how to pronounce my children’s names! 

Luckily, I’m not stressed. I don’t know how that works- drowning, but not stressed?! The thing is, it’s not down to lack of organisation, it’s just lack of time, I have been going into school at 7.30am, then next minute, it’s 5.15pm and I have a to do list, longer than I came in with. I’ve come to the conclusion that my to do list will never be completed and that’s ok, because I realise this. However, it doesn’t stop me feeling as though my head is about to explode.

You spend so long perfecting Medium term plans for numeracy, only to realise that you have to do the same thing for Literacy, music, pe, history, geography etc! Aw, when will it end?!

I also did THE most stupidest thing ever this evening. Tired, hungry and exhausted at 5.15pm, I decided to go home, have dinner then continue with work at home- only to realise I’ve LEFT MY USB IN SCHOOL!!! Actually want to hit myself! So alarm has been set for 5.45am tomorrow morning and I’ll be getting into school for 7am tomorrow. I can tell just by my ramblings on this post that I am severely sleep deprived! I don’t think i signed up for this, but not that i’m complaining. I would take a job that eats minutes and hours over any 9-5 where the clock ticks in slow motion.

Now, how many days until half term, again?


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