The excitement is starting to set in…


So it’s less than a week before I start my post as an NQT and the excitement is starting to set in! I haven’t finished decorating my classroom, the names for the trays haven’t been stuck on, I haven’t finished my planning and when I really think about it- I haven’t actually got a clue what I’m going to do on the first day! But, I really can’t wait to start now. This is what my whole PGCE year was building up to.

I have always been a positive person and I think I’m taking this relaxed approach because I realise that teaching is hard enough in itself without putting added pressure on myself. I know it’s going to be long hours, I know the children will test my patience, there will never be enough time for anything- but I don’t mind. Plus, I’ve got three days of staff training in the first week to ease myself in- where I’ve been told everything will come together and I’ll be given help with the paper work.

The other NQT is terrified (which isn’t helping me- as stress seems to be contagious), but it appears that that is her natural way anyway. Before we left she was politely arguing with the receptionist about the size of her carpet in the classroom. Maybe I should be, but I’m not fussed/ OCD about stuff like that, and I’m just glad we will have each other to support and share advice.

The disappointment has gone over my contract- I know it’s standard procedure now to give one year contracts- and fingers crossed it will become a permanent one next year. I have my outfit for the first day all ready. I’ve polished my shoes, got my lunch ready and I think I’m just about ready to meet the parents (and children) next week! 

And starting, means I’m getting closer to pay day! Can. Not. Come. Quick. Enough.


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