Contract disappointment.


I had such a stress finding a job, constant rejection, numerous interviews, time off, new outfits etc., so much so that I said ‘I am not doing this again next year.’  I made a conscious decision to only apply for permanent contracts. I wanted a job that I could be settled in, become loyal to and work my way up. I know that people say you should move around schools for your own personal development and I used to think that too. But the more I’ve spoken to teachers, the more I am beginning to think that as long as you keep ideas fresh and have enthusiasm it can be a very positive for all if teachers stay long term in one place.

So fast forward to this morning when my contract finally comes through. Previously, I had only had a letter offering me the job, which just stated the starting date and salary, so I was a little shocked and a quite gutted really when today my contract came through as a one year temporary contract. 

It was the word temporary that got me. Maybe I wouldn’t be so bothered if it had just said 1 year. I know that 90% of schools give NQTs a 1 year contract to cover their backs and I understand this. Everyone who got jobs in my class did so with a 1 year contract. For me, it was just the fact that I had applied for a permanent job. It also makes me a little anxious about my plans for the future that may be a little delayed now. I have applied for a mortgage and I also wanted to start trying for children. And it wasn’t like i was going to take the mick and get pregnant straight away and have 9 months off- I know you can’t plan for babies and I would only take 10 wks off for financial reasons. But it’s still a little disappointing to know that my choice to start trying for a family has to be put on hold for 6 months at least.

However, I am a very positive person, and I can see that it isn’t really a bad thing to be honest. I get to try out the school before I’m locked into a permanent contract and if I love it, which I think I will, I can always approach the Head in January and explain I love the school and before I apply for any jobs is there any chance to make my job permanent. I also know that teachers don’t leave the school, so that sounds like they don’t just use NQTs for 1 year and then get rid. 

So I am going to be the best NQT there ever was from September. Paperwork will be on time, children will enjoy learning and I will get on with all members of staff and avoid staff room politics. 

Right, I really should start my medium term planning….


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