Problems with the new girl already….?

I went into school for the first time today with the one of the other NQTs and I really liked her, we spoke lots without any awkward silences and it was great to have another person there. It wasn’t until I came home and were telling my mum and sister about my day that they both had the same reaction, ‘Ooooh, I’d be careful around her’, ‘I can’t stand people like that.’ etc.

Basically, there were a few things that happened today that I didn’t even think about until it was brought to my attention and now I don’t know if I’m being influenced by my family, being too relaxed about things or being a little too petty.

So the first thing was we needed laminating pouches. We are both in doing displays for our classroom and need to laminate a lot of things as we are both starting from scratch. She is in KS2 and I’m in KS1 but our classrooms are quite close. The Year 6 teacher was in so new NQT girl (let’s call her Nat) asked her for laminating pouches, I said ‘Oh I need some too please.’ The year 6 teacher came back with two brand new packs of 200 pouches and said that’s all she could get hold of until Sept. Cue Nat taking them off her and immediately stashing the 400 pouches in her desk drawer. I asked if I could have some and she handed me a few. The first thing my mum said was ‘didn’t she give you a pack of 200? You should have asked for a pack.’ I didn’t think anything of it, I got everything I wanted laminated today- but still need to do a lot more.

Next her classroom already has lots of generic displays, e.g., Birthday wall, days of the week/ months etc. My teacher has changed to another local school so took all her generic displays with her. I didn’t want to do a normal balloon or written months for my birthday wall so searched the web to do a big sun flower. The flower says Class 1x birthdays and each leave coming off the stalk is a different month and the children’s names are on lady birds which are stuck on the leaves. I really liked it because it’s original and makes a great display. After I had completed the display, Nat came into my classroom was was like ‘Oh my God- that’s fab. I’m going to do that. Write down where you go all your resources from.’ I said I couldn’t remember. So she said, ‘That’s alright, I’ll just google it.’ I reminded that she already had a birthday wall up and not to go through any more trouble, but she said it wasn’t very ‘birthday-e’. When I left she was printing off a sun flower head.

I also made a welcome sign, which she saw and said ‘Oh, I never thought to do one that jazzy. Did you make it yourself? I’ll have to do one like that.’

And lastly each class has a house point system. I spent absolutely ages making my own designs for the four houses and Sod’s Law my computer was down, so I had to print off Nat’s computer. Again, she saw my charts up on the computer and asked if I would print a set out for her. This did rattle me as I had spent so long making them, but honestly, what do you do when someone asks you that on the spot? ‘No sorry, it took me all Sunday night.’ (?!)Image

I hadn’t thought anything of all this because I was so busy today, but I’m worried she might be one of those people who will steal your ideas and pass them off as her own. I know these are only petty things and i’m actually embarrassed writing it down her as a professional teacher, but I know if you’re not too careful these things can escalate. 

So for now, I’m going to watch my back, try not to show her any displays in my classroom and wait until she’s gone to put any new displays up


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