My ‘first’ day at my new school.

So I had my first day at my new school and it was daunting. After the initial anti climax/ what have I done?/ I’ve made a mistake feeling that I got at the staff meeting, it was such a great relief to realise that I had fun and I am back to being excited about starting my teaching career in September.

My class is big (28)- a few are leaving thankfully. 28 sounds so much better than 30 though. My class are lovely, behaviour seems really good, from what I’ve seen over two days. But there are going to be other challenges. For example, 26 out of 28 pupils are EAL. And of the EAL children most of them speak little English, they are young and only hear and speak English in the hours that they are in school- which is going to be a personal challenge for me. With that comes the new challenge of learning about a culture that is the complete opposite to mine, but I am just going to embrace it.

Luckily, the staff are great. Really, really friendly. I can already see that this won’t just be a workplace, but I will be a big part of the whole school life. The staff room was a little daunting, but once the ice was broken it was fine. The staff are all young, most started as NQTs and are on for their second year, so there should be lots of advice and help. I’m not going to count my chickens too soon, but I am really pleased with the vibe from the school- and bonus- it only takes 15mins in the car!


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