Staff Training at the new job

So, yesterday, I had my first day at my new school as there was a whole day staff training on successful planning for next year. I was pretty nervous as I had never visited the school. I came. Went for the interview. Then left. I hadn’t even seen the hall, so everything was going to be new to me.

I started off by wearing the completely wrong outfit. I thought I would play it safe with black smart trousers and a blouse. The head greeted me wearing jeans and a t shirt and the other new NQTs were wearing leggings. I was so over dressed! All the other staff were wearing jeans too- but I’m sure I would’ve felt worse if it had been the other way around and I was underdressed.

Anyway, the day was SO OVERWHELMING I sat there thinking. I am NEVER going to be able to do this. What have I done?! I found out that I will be having a class of 30. Thirty?! I know that unfortunately, 30 is the norm, but I was hoping and praying that I would be lucky. It didn’t help that my good friend contacted me to say she’s got a class of 21. I spoke to the teacher leaving the class that I will have who told me ‘it’s hard. It’s stressful. There’s always something to do. And the EAL children really are EAL- they don’t know a word of English.’ Great.

The staff seemed nice, there was one teacher with a didn’t get a good vibe from, she’s very loud, over powering and loves the sound of her own voice. She was very intimidating, but I hope that was just because I don’t know her. The other two NQTs were nice, one is with me in KS2 and the other one in the foundation stage was a lot more confident, she was laughing and joking with ‘loud, over powering’ girl. But luckily, the other teacher who is in the other class in my year, is absolutely lovely, she is a lot older than me, but we seemed to hit it off straight away and she took me to lunch with her. We are planning together, which is a God send, and I’ll have to go in next week to finish next year’s planning, but I started to feel more confident as the day went on.

The whole day was just so overwhelming that I was slightly down hearted when I left. I was so excited about starting in September, but after yesterday I just thought ‘Will I be able to teach 30 children? Will I be confident enough to join in conversations in the classroom? How come the confident NQT was laughing and joking in the Head’s office as I left?’

But after a good night’s sleep and a clear head (and speaking to everyone else on my course who said their first day’s were like mine) I feel more confident and I’m back to feeling excited again about starting in September. From next week i’m going to go in three days a week just to get my head around things, so hopefully that will make things easier (not harder, fingers crossed) for September.


2 thoughts on “Staff Training at the new job

  1. I just became a teacher myself… and I start my curriculum planning later in the month with classes to start in August… I have imagining my first day just like you have written about yours…. I’m nervous and excited and sometimes I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into…. lol, keep the posts coming! 🙂

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