No sex please.... I'm an NQT

Well one thing I hope gets better/easier/do-able during my NQT year is to actually not be too tired to have sex. I got married a year before I started my PGCE and I was lucky enough to have the whole honeymoon period after. Thank God I did, because once the course started that was it. Sex went completely out of the window. My poor husband, marrying a young bride only to see her develop the sex drive of a slice of cheese. I used all the sex cliches; ‘I’m tired’, ‘not tonight I have a headache.’ The worse thing was my excuses were true! Plus, the fact that I was crashing out in bed at 9pm when my husband got back in from work at 7pm, this whole year just felt like one big husband neglect on my part. I will make it my priority to prioritise my other half next year because, in all honesty, I know I’ll be even more tired and stressed than when I was a PGCE student.

Remind me why I’ve chosen this profession again?



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